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BGMRadio provides genuine and professional in-store/broadcast music, helps you to avoid the risk of infringement, respect the copyrights, and completely avoid the risk of public broadcast music infringement!!

Featured channel DEMO

#3 Retro Pop

Most Beautiful Songs of the 80s and 90s. Best romantic songs of all time.

#36 Relaxion Piano Music

Simple and far-reaching emotions and moods, the piano sound likes the color in a painting.

#40 International Top Hits

Master the pulse of the global trend and broadcast the popular EDM Pop.

#19 Rhythm and EDM

Dance music based on electronic rhythm is suitable for sports or parties.



How long is the free period?

We provide different pricing plans according to your store/business conditions, . If your venue meets the relevant conditions, we also provide you with free selected in-store music.
If you choose the 'advanced plan' or 'professional plan' paid service, you can also enjoy a free trial 7 days session in the beginning. BGMRadio is your most convenient and easy choice for in-store music, we would like to invite you to register immidiatly and enjoy our legal and easy-listening genuine public broadcast music!

Yes. Just enter your name when registration, fill in the necessary e-mail address, password, and other required field information.

Thank you for choosing our 'advanced plan' or 'professional plan' services. The service charge payment can be processed through your bank transfering. You can also reach us by our line: 'BGMRadio'. Our client service will answer your any quesition.

Yes, It can be placed in the commercial storefront, the music on this platform is with 100% legal copyright.

Yes. You can fill in the company Name and Tax ID on the registration page.

The music provided by the BGMRadio is currently 100% legally copyrighted content, Joined users can use without additional payment to other third parties, and never need to worry about infringement.

No way. The songs sold in the market are other types of payment methods and may require payment of copyright fees related to the management groups they belong to.

Just go to BGMRadio.com and register as a member. If you are using a computer, you can go online and link to BGMRaio.com to play music. If you are using smart phone or tablet (pad), connecting to the Internet (wifi, 4G or 5G) and download the BGMRaio APP to play music.(register first on the web page of BGMRadio.com) The sound output can be connected to speakers, amplifiers or your in-store broadcasting systems with wired line-output or wireless Bluetooth.

Yes. Please keep displaying the screen of playing music and set to “never sleep” mode. On a smartphone or tablet, it is possible that the played song will stop playing when it is not on the music playing screen. Setting Instruction

Yes, new music will be added on a daily basis.

Provide original copyrighted music more than 10,000 tracks, new music added weekly and channel updated every month.

No. It cannot be used for other purposes. If you want to use music on video, mass media or any others, please contact us

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